Chrome Vox extension for website development with screen reader accessibility

For sighted developers it’s hard to know how a screen reader will read your websites.  Chrome Vox can help you test your pages while you are making them, without having to install a resrouce-hungry reader like JAWS

Podcasts for the deaf

“If you’re a hearing person, you might not expect that podcasts would be popular with people who are deaf or are hard of hearing. But you’d be wrong. Miri Josephs is a podcaster who also considers herself part of the deaf community. She joins this episode to explain why it’s important to make podcasts, and radio, more accessible to people with hearing disabilities. She also offers tips for making your show more accessible to people with a range of hearing ability.

Miri also tells us about the podcast she co-hosts, called “Always Here: An LGBT History Podcast.” writes Paul Riismandel, co-founder and operations director of Radio Survivor.

Listen to Miri’s podcast here on Radio Survivor

Listen below using flash for Soundcloud Or download from this link (59 mins)

Podcast #129 – Deaf Accessibility for Podcasts & Radio (links to Radio Survivor site)

Community Radio Toolkit: Disability

Community Radio Toolkit is a UK website that offers all sorts of useful resources for people running community radio stations.

“A community radio station exists to offer access to the airwaves and opportunities for self-improvement to those who need it most. It is sad that even in the 21st Century that all too often means people living with disabilities.”

It includes:

Script sheets to help people on the Autism spectrum or with cognitive difference learn radio tasks

These resources are to help train new volunteers who may have communication or social skills challenges, such as people on the Autism spectrum or with cognitive differences.
The checklist will help you ascertain (if need be with help of a support worker, parent or someone who knows the person well) the level of a persons communication skills (and if you need to use these guides).

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VIDEO: What works? Engaging people with a disability in community radio

Featuring 4RPH’s Steve Richardson & Paul Price. Facilitated by Kim Stewart, 4ZZZ. Includes some really great stories from other station reps who were there.

Since 2015 Kim Stewart has been running radio groups with people with a disability (PWD), in conjunction with an array of community groups including the Community Living Association, Nundah Activities Centre, West End Community House, ABC Brisbane and community radio 4ZZZ.

In 2017 she interviewed PWD from around Australia for her doctoral research to find out what worked for them: how did they get involved in community radio, what helped, what didn’t. Kim puts forward a model, based on those interviews, of how community radio might move forward to include more PWD on air and in our station communities.


My voice, my abilities, my rights. New series from CHYFM

My voice, my abilities, my rights. Coffs Harbour CHYFM, NSW.  “CHYFM, in partnership with the Law & Justice Foundation, the Community Radio Network, and the Community Broadcasting Foundation have created the ‘My Voice, My Ability, My Rights’ project that aims to improve the knowledge of young people with disabilities about their legal rights, their advocacy rights and educate them and their families about support networks available.” 

LISTEN to all the episodes here: