Universal Design for Learning: making learning accessible to everyone

Cartoon Monkey says to line up of all kinds of animals including fish and elephant "for a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam. Please climb that tree"

Sometimes learning and teaching community radio can involve lots of text heavy reading materials (codes, rules and regulations, processes at the station).  For people with reading issues, who have a learning disability or are just out of practice, this can be hard work and presents a barrier to learning that can contribute to non-completion. Universal …

CMTO seeking accessibility resources

CMTO logo

The national community radio training provider, the Community Media Training Organisation, is seeking resources to help their trainers better include people with diverse needs. Check out their page here: http://www.cmto.org.au/what-we-do/accessibility-resources

Accessibility & the Disability Discrimination Act

disability wheelchair user icon

The majority of complaints to the Human Rights Commission involve disability.  What do you need to do to be accessible? All new buildings in Australia are expected to provide accessibility to people with disability and mobility issues.  While retrofitting older buildings in necessary to comply with the DDA, there is a "hardship" clause that means …

Script sheets to help people on the Autism spectrum or with cognitive difference learn radio tasks

segment of worksheet showing steps for introducing a radio guest

These resources are to help train new volunteers who may have communication or social skills challenges, such as people on the Autism spectrum or with cognitive differences. The checklist will help you ascertain (if need be with help of a support worker, parent or someone who knows the person well) the level of a persons …