Digital accessibility workshops coming up

Digital accessibility is about making your documents and website accessible to the widest range of users. That might include people who are blind, have low vision, are colourblind, have a learning or intellectual disability, or one of the 45% of Australians who have low literacy.

Vision Australia are offerring a range of courses to up your digital accessibility skills.

Including: Inclusive Design, Creating Accessible Documents: Word and PDF, Web Accessibility Techniques and Testing and more!

Check out their website for sessions in your city:

From the makers of the DAT now comes the WAT for accessible web dev

Those canny developers at Vision Australia last year made my life easier with their Document Accessibility Toolbar for MS Word that you can find here:

Now web developers  can try out their Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer here:

Teaching yourself accessibility

If you want to create accessible documents, websites or digital newsletters for your community radio station, you might benefit from checking out these online courses.  Accessibility means making sure your content is available to as many people as possible, increasing audience, participation and social justice. Become an #A11y today! Continue reading “Teaching yourself accessibility”

Argh! My website is invisible!

So you’ve made a kickass website for your radio show, podcast or station.  It does everything you want it to do.  But did you know that to some of your users your website could be invisible?  To others, your website might be confusing and hard to navigate because of cognitive disability or low literacy? Continue reading “Argh! My website is invisible!”