From the makers of the DAT now comes the WAT for accessible web dev

Those canny developers at Vision Australia last year made my life easier with their Document Accessibility Toolbar for MS Word that you can find here: Now web developers  can try out their Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer here:

Need accessible documents? Check out MSWord templates

Picture of Sampler cover: Man with guide dog crossing road

In recent weeks I've been exploring the wonderful (and hitherto mostly unknown to me) world of accessible word documents. In MS Word, using document styles, headings and alternative descriptions (alt-tags) on images makes your document more readable for those using screenreaders, as well as more consistently formatted for everyone else. In addition, formatting for accessibility …

Vision Australia: making docs accessible with the DAT tool

Sometimes screen readers used by vision-impaired people have trouble with digital documents. Vision Australia's Access Consultants Pierre Frederiksen and Leona Zumbo have developed a Digital Accessibility Toolbar that you can add to Word to help realise the dream! "An innovation that revolutionises the ease and speed of creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word, the Document …