VIDEO: What works? Engaging people with a disability in community radio

Featuring 4RPH’s Steve Richardson & Paul Price. Facilitated by Kim Stewart, 4ZZZ. Includes some really great stories from other station reps who were there.

Since 2015 Kim Stewart has been running radio groups with people with a disability (PWD), in conjunction with an array of community groups including the Community Living Association, Nundah Activities Centre, West End Community House, ABC Brisbane and community radio 4ZZZ.

In 2017 she interviewed PWD from around Australia for her doctoral research to find out what worked for them: how did they get involved in community radio, what helped, what didn’t. Kim puts forward a model, based on those interviews, of how community radio might move forward to include more PWD on air and in our station communities.


What works? Engaging people with a disability in community radio

Researcher and 4ZZZ Station Advocate for People With A Disability, Kim Stewart and CEO of Vision Australia Radio, Conrad Browne will host and informative workshop session for CR stations on better including people with a disability at your station.

Kim has interviewed people with a disability and their supporters from around Australia to find out what works for them.

Session time:  2pm on November 10, 2017.

The workshop will be part of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia 2017 conference held on the Gold Coast.

NB.  Email for more info.

WATCH: CBAA panel talk about including more people with disabilities in community radio

Community radio was founded on principles of social inclusion. However, despite 1 in 5 Australians having a disability (ABS 2008), there are still few programs for or by people with disabilities on generalist stations. What does it take to make community radio work for people with a disability? How can we better support people who may have different needs to participate? In this workshop, hear the stories of people with a disability who have been successfully involved in community radio and develop an action plan to facilitate more involvement of people with disabilities in the sector. The session includes in-person, virtual and pre-recorded messages to the group to help include people with disabilities who were unable to come to the 2016 CBAA Conference.