Making documents accessible:

In my work as an advocate for PWD in community radio, I have heard many times from vision impaired and blind producers the need for documentation to be compatible with screenreaders.

The Roundtable on Information Access for PWD provides some great resources and services for organisations seeking to make their websites and documentation accessible to a diverse range of people. Continue reading “Making documents accessible:”

Want to assess your orgs diversity? Equal Reality has made this free template survey

Take a look at this lovely visualisation by Equal Reality of the diversity of their workforce:

You can do an analysis of your own organisation using their template at the bottom of the linked page.

Find out how diverse your organisation is!

Universal Design for Learning: making learning accessible to everyone

Sometimes learning and teaching community radio can involve lots of text heavy reading materials (codes, rules and regulations, processes at the station).  For people with reading issues, who have a learning disability or are just out of practice, this can be hard work and presents a barrier to learning that can contribute to non-completion. Continue reading “Universal Design for Learning: making learning accessible to everyone”

How to write and report about disability: PWDA

“Your choice of language has an impact on the way people with disability feel and are perceived in society. It is important that you are aware of the meaning behind the words you use when talking to, referring to or working with people with disability. Disrespectful language can make people feel hurt, excluded and can be a barrier to full participation in society. ” _ PWDA Continue reading “How to write and report about disability: PWDA”

Podcasts for the deaf

“If you’re a hearing person, you might not expect that podcasts would be popular with people who are deaf or are hard of hearing. But you’d be wrong. Miri Josephs is a podcaster who also considers herself part of the deaf community. She joins this episode to explain why it’s important to make podcasts, and radio, more accessible to people with hearing disabilities. She also offers tips for making your show more accessible to people with a range of hearing ability.

Miri also tells us about the podcast she co-hosts, called “Always Here: An LGBT History Podcast.” writes Paul Riismandel, co-founder and operations director of Radio Survivor.

Listen to Miri’s podcast here on Radio Survivor

Listen below using flash for Soundcloud Or download from this link (59 mins)

Podcast #129 – Deaf Accessibility for Podcasts & Radio (links to Radio Survivor site)

Community Radio Toolkit: Disability

Community Radio Toolkit is a UK website that offers all sorts of useful resources for people running community radio stations.

“A community radio station exists to offer access to the airwaves and opportunities for self-improvement to those who need it most. It is sad that even in the 21st Century that all too often means people living with disabilities.”

It includes: