Words: How to refer to people with a disability

People with a disability are often described in the media using stereotypes. Stereotypes stigmatise groups who are depicted in this shallow manner and affect people’s lives. That’s why it’s important that we change the ways we talk about people with a disability to respect the person, and not make disability a focus of our attention. For community radio producers, we have the Code Of Practice to remind us to be careful about avoiding discrimination in our reporting: Continue reading “Words: How to refer to people with a disability”

How to write and report about disability: PWDA

“Your choice of language has an impact on the way people with disability feel and are perceived in society. It is important that you are aware of the meaning behind the words you use when talking to, referring to or working with people with disability. Disrespectful language can make people feel hurt, excluded and can be a barrier to full participation in society. ” _ PWDA Continue reading “How to write and report about disability: PWDA”

Talking about disability the right way

In March 2018 Carly Findlay, appearance activist, was interviewed by veteran ABC presenter Jon Faine.  Faine, (whether out of nervousness, not knowing what to say,  or genuine beleif he was being funny) made some poor jokes referring to her appearance and likening Findlay to a halloween mask. Continue reading “Talking about disability the right way”