New resources to help community radio better include people with disability

Covers of new guides: one entitled Access for All with a smiling woman in glasses on the cover. The second cover is called Volunteer Stories and shows two radio producers who are blind in the studio.Community radio exists for everyone to have a voice. While there are some really great radio producers with disabilities in the community radio sector,  a real opportunity for voice still exists for many more!

For this reason, the Ability Radio Project’s Kim Stewart produced these guides with RPH Australia, the radio network providing Radio Reading services to the 34% of Australians with print disability. We want to encourage more people with disabilities to participate in community radio, and to help radio stations prepare for new volunteers.

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EVENT: Fostering your station’s accessibility @ #CBAAconf2018

Find out what you can do to make your station more accessible, and engage a largely untapped font of new and enthusiastic volunteers!

Sat November 10, 2018 at the 2018 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Conference, Gold Coast Convention Centre.

This workshop, presented by Kim Stewart (4ZZZ and CMTO) and Emma Couch (CMTO), Sancha Donald from 2RPH and with special guest Alison Maclean.

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Guest post: Ableism, inclusion and my community radio experience

Ableism is something that affects people with disabilities on a recurring basis. The experience of disability is often complicated by ableist interpretations of the embodied experience of those experiencing disability, at times this prompts those who live with disability to view their own person by a pathologised lens.

Gregor Wolbring raises that ableism is often left unrecognised institutionally or socially in comparison to other more distinguishable ‘ism’s’ such as racism or sexism. For an example of mediated ableist narratives one can look to  the ‘news’ stories presented during prime time television. Television shows such as  A Current Affair habitually feature stories where journalists make efforts to disapprove a person’s entitlement to disability welfare payments on the premise that they fail to meet  visible qualifying markers of what ableist society identifies as a ‘disabled person’.

I myself have struggled with the complexities of experiencing cerebral palsy, scoliosis and arthritis. Navigating my health is at times difficult and has been further complicated by the fact that for most of life I have not fitted into the visible requirements of what someone experiencing disability looks like.

This has prompted self-doubt as to whether I was deserving of space or ‘special consideration’. Or the bigger question ‘how do I identify?’ ‘Am I ‘able’? ”Am I what society perceives as disabled visibly?’ Such doubts and questions  are shared by my lecturers at uni, parking inspectors, Centrelink staff and the broader community, almost always to my personal disadvantage.

For a long period  I was  left silenced and passive, even now  my voice still continues to heal. But hearing diverse voices on the radio (such as 4ZZZ) and listening to news stories that are inclusive of people within our community, provides a cathartic rhythm with the turn of a radio dial that stilled the anxiety of isolation that I was once experiencing. This eventuated to me seeking out a volunteer position at 4ZZZ radio station, the skills and relationships that I have developed at 4ZZZ  has led to growth in my professional, personal and physical life.

About the author: 

Elizabeth Ralph is a volunteer and former Culture Reviews Coordinator at 4ZZZ in Brisbane.

4 Triple Zed appoints Station Advocate for PWD

4ZZZ is founded on the principles of diversity in music, programming, cooperation and inclusion of the diverse communities they engage with. They have been a voice for Brisbane’s marginalised communities and local music for over 40 years.

In keeping with this long tradition, 4ZZZ are working towards including more people with a disability at the station. In what is a national first for community radio, 4ZZZ have appointed a Station Advocate for people with disabilities. Continue reading “4 Triple Zed appoints Station Advocate for PWD”

Workshop: Building the involvement of people with disabilities in community radio – CBAA Conference 2016

Join us at the CBAA conference 2016!

The Community Radio Social Inclusion Project is a Australia-wide network of people dedicated to empowering the voices of people with a disability in community radio.

We hope that this network will develop out of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia conference, to be held in November 2016 in Melbourne.

At that conference community organisers from radio stations around Australia will meet to workshop ideas to make this happen.

Workshop: Building the involvement of people with disabilities in community radio

Community radio was founded on principles of social inclusion. However, despite 1in 5 Australians having a disability (ABS 2008), there are still few programs for or by people with disabilities on generalist stations. What does it take to make community radio work for people with a disability? How can we better support people who may have different needs to participate? In this workshop, hear the stories of people with a disability who have been successfully involved in community radio and develop an action plan to facilitate more involvement of people with disabilities in the sector. The session will include in-person, virtual and pre-recorded messages to the group to help include people with disabilities who are unable to come to the conference.

Presented by: Kim Stewart (Ability Radio Project & 4ZZZ), Caroline Savransky & Kate Wadley (Making Airwaves), Helen Gwilliam (3CR) and Bernadette Young (former ABC Brisbane Community Correspondent Coordinator)

People of the Air radio group: people with cognitive differences making radio

13245429_10153662752022898_8697857620926356113_nSince late 2015 a group of outspoken self-advocates from Brisbane have been making radio for the first time.

Meeting once a month at the offices of WWILD or the Community Living Association, the group have interviewed a range of guests so far.

Of interest to the Community Radio world is their interview with Steve Richardson.

Steve has vision-impairment and has been producing community radio for 20 years with the RPH network. He has been on the boards of 4RPH and the national network of RPH and currently produces his own weekly show, Access All Areas on 4RPH in Brisbane.

Listen in Brisbane, First Tuesday of the month at 7pm, Zed Digital. The People of the Air share a show with Zed Digital’s Only Human.

NOTE: You need a digital radio to listen in


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