Accessibility Audit checklist

Before you can encourage more people with disability to participate at your station, you need to think about how accessible your station is. This exercise will help you do that.

As a group, think about your home station and answer the following questions about accessibility. Tick those that apply to your station.

  • Are you providing car parking spaces for people with disability?
  • Is the accessway a minimum 1000mm wide?
  • Is the route to the business easy to find?
  • Is there a ramp in place of steps
  • Are steps, doorways and ramp indicated by tactile ground surface indicators?
  • Do the steps include a handrail on both sides?
  • Does the door have a lever handle? (knobs are hard for people with arthritis for instance)
  • Is the doorway a minimum 1000mm wide?
  • Is there a toilet that is wheelchair accessible?
  • Are some work desks, phones, water fountains, sinks, less than 1050mm high?
  • Does signage have good contrast with background?
  • Is signage raised tactile/braille?
  • Where access barriers exist, do you have arrangements in place to assist a person with disabilities?
  • Do you promote the accessibility of the station in advertising and promotion material?
  • Are alarms visual and audible?
  • Is there a good level of lighting throughout?
  • Do evacuation procedures/manuals refer to managing the egress of people with disabilities?
  • Is there assistance available for use of special facilities? (for instance on-air desk or editing suite)
  • Does your station have a Disability Action Plan?
  • Does your station have a policy that includes access and inclusion awareness?
  • Do you provide specific training for people with disability to enable them to undertake tasks required?
  • Have you had any access complaints?
  • Do you actively promote the available positions to people with disability?
  • Do you have a mechanism for staff, volunteers or other users to identify their disability needs?
  • Have you modified the workplace to make it easier for people with a disability?
  • Are all facilities accessible?
  • Do you have an active policy of workplace peer support?
  • Have you trained all staff how to work with staff members with a disability?
  • Is information available to staff on how to work with staff members with a disability?
  • Have you trained all staff on how to work with and assist people with disability customers with a wide range of potential disabilities who may contact you by phone, internet or in person?
  • Is you communication in suitable format to be understood by a wide range of user abilities?
  • Do you have an accessible website?
  • Do you provide all digital documents in accessible format?
  • Do you provide digital as well as paper options for all forms and documents?
  • Do you check the accessibility of all venues used for events, meetings or other externally located station activities?

You can also try this online self-assessment from the Australian Network on Disability

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