Script sheets to help people on the Autism spectrum or with cognitive difference learn radio tasks

These resources are to help train new volunteers who may have communication or social skills challenges, such as people on the Autism spectrum or with cognitive differences.
The checklist will help you ascertain (if need be with help of a support worker, parent or someone who knows the person well) the level of a persons communication skills (and if you need to use these guides).

You can also use the checklist to see if the volunteer has developed those skills over their training by using it pre- and post- training.  It provides a more systematic way of measuring success.
Each guide sheet includes pictures to help explain the concepts and should be used in conjunction with a role play with the volunteer, in pairs or in a group.
New volunteers can use these sheets to remind them of what to do for certain tasks if they have trouble remembering.
Each sheet covers a different radio-specific communication task.
It includes:
1.  Communication skills checklist
2.  How to greet and introduce yourself and a guest on radio
3.  Brainstorming interview questions
4.  How to be a good YouTube DJ (for practicing for on-air announcing)
5.  How to make your radio guest feel at home
6.  How to hold your microphone and speak into it
7.  How to overcome the ‘ums and ahhs’ in an interview
8.  How to greet a new person in group
9.  How to thank someone
10.  How to remind the listeners what show and station they are listening to
Please email me if you have suggestions for other communications tasks that could be added to this set.
All pictures are public domain.
Download here:


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