4 Triple Zed appoints Station Advocate for PWD

4ZZZ is founded on the principles of diversity in music, programming, cooperation and inclusion of the diverse communities they engage with. They have been a voice for Brisbane’s marginalised communities and local music for over 40 years.

In keeping with this long tradition, 4ZZZ are working towards including more people with a disability at the station. In what is a national first for community radio, 4ZZZ have appointed a Station Advocate for people with disabilities.

With as much as 37% of community radio listeners having a disability, the station hopes to enable more of this large proportion of their listeners to be active at the station in a wide range of roles.

General Manager Claire Whiting says, “A new position of Station Advocate will enable us to support people with a disability (PWD) to connect with the volunteer base and become an integral part of our grass roots media and local music community.”

Social worker Kim Stewart has been appointed to this role. Kim has been a volunteer at the station for 17 years, during which time social justice has been a large part of her programming as a radio producer, former board member and facilitator of a number of training projects including people from diverse backgrounds and disadvantage. Kim has also been running radio groups in the community under the banner of Ability Radio Project for three years.

Kim now takes on a stronger advocacy role at the station, enabling 4ZZZ to find ways to better include and give a voice to PWD. Kim will be assisting young people with cognitive differences in work experience.

You can find out more about 4ZZZ’s Ability Radio Project at https://abilityradioproject.wordpress.com/

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